A Grand Pre-Launch Event in Dubai

Pre-Launch Event, 18:00 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

In a remarkable showcase of health and wellness, a grand pre-launch event for the Japan Gold Turmeric supplement took center stage in the vibrant city of Dubai on 1/July/2023. This prestigious occasion was meticulously orchestrated by the collaborative efforts of MCO Group and Japan Health Lab (JHL). Steered by notable figures including Kenjiro Miyano, CEO of JHL, Yurie Miyano, Executive Director of JHL, Michael del Rosario, CEO of MCO Group, and Yuki Yoshizawa, COO of MCO Group, the event drew esteemed attendees from diverse sectors, including retail industries and medical professionals.

The event, a visual and experiential treat, captured the essence of the Japan Gold Turmeric supplement. Beyond the spotlight on the product, it celebrated the union of dedication, tradition, and innovation. The presence of renowned personalities and industry experts added an air of distinction to the event, underscoring its significance.

A Journey from Japan to the UAE

Kenjiro Miyano, CEO of JHL, shared insights into the production of the Japan Gold Turmeric supplement. Exclusively sourced from Japan, the supplement embodies the nation’s high-quality and traditional approach to health and wellness. The use of Okinawa turmeric, celebrated for its mineral-rich content, reinforces the product’s potency in delivering natural health benefits.

A Vision for Well-Being

Kenjiro Miyano further emphasized the significance of introducing the Japan Gold Turmeric supplement to the UAE market. Guided by a mission to enrich lives, Japan Health Lab seeks to positively impact well-being through trusted, natural ingredients sourced exclusively from Japan. The company’s commitment extends to sharing the culture of longevity and tradition, making authentic Japanese health products accessible to the UAE market, and contributing to the health and happiness of people in the region and beyond.

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The JHL+ team

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