Turmeric Benefits

For Healthy Lifestyle

Life Habit Diseases Prevention

Japan Gold Turmeric is an all-around healthy food,
which can contribute to “life habit disease prevention.” The turmeric ingredient, curcumin can contribute reduction of blood cholesterol levels, hypertension, and activate whole body immune system to promote healthier daily life. It can also contribute prevention of life habit
diseases, such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, and stroke, and also contribute suppression of cancer cell proliferation.

For Beautiful Daily Life

Anti-Aging Effect and Result in Beautiful Skins

Japan Gold Turmeric has “anti-aging effect,” which prevents skin disorder resulting in “beautiful skin (no spots and clear skin). The turmeric suppresses superoxide activity, which causes aging. The anti-oxidative effect of turmeric can protect skin collagen and recover smooth-textured and wet skin.

Prior to and/or After Drinking

Hangover Prevention

“Hangover Prevention”: Taking Japan Gold Turmeric prior to and/or after drinking enhances liver function, which can contribute to release and prevent “hungover.” It can also support gastrointestinal function, which can ease gastric ulcer and excess secretion of gastric acid, poor appetite, and constipation.

Disclaimer: *This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.