Professor Masakazu Miura

Turmeric is a rhizome whose major component is a yellow pigment called curcumin, and is rich in minerals and dietary fiber. Since turmeric cultivation entered Japan in 1609 and was used as a dye and for herbal remedies, it has also become a popular spice used for curries because of its wide range of beneficial properties.

JAPAN GOLD TURMERIC from Japan Health Lab. KK, Ishikawa, Japan uses only 100% pesticide-free Okinawa-grown turmeric. We manufacture these turmeric tablets with an ideal balance of 50% wild turmeric and 50% autumn turmeric and boasts safe quality control.

 To ensure that our products are safe for consumption, Japan Gold Turmeric is supervised by Professor Masakazu Miura, DMSc, PhD Trustee & Chief Professor, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Hokuriku University.

With degrees and diplomas in biochemistry and biophysics and an active member of the Japan Society of Clinical Chemistry since 1999, he is a Japan Certified Clinical Chemist.

Currently, he holds the following positions;

  • Chief Professor, Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Hokuriku University
  • Member, Board of Trustees, Hokuriku University
  • Member, Board of Directors, Hokuriku University
  • Chief, Hokuriku University Healthy Aging Research Group
  • Chief, Hokuriku University Regional Center

And has used these positions to contribute his knowledge and expertise in improving the standards of living of people worldwide.